International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

Companies that participate in ISSF commit to several conservation measures regarding illegal, unreported, and/or unregulated (IUU) fishing, and ISSF uses a rigorous compliance process for any such allegations. The bulk of their work is focused on proactively eliminating all elements of these harmful practices over time through a range of conservation measures, initiatives, and tools. One such tool is the IMO number (International Maritime Organization number). To begin weeding out tuna caught by IUU fishing activities, ISSF has worked with industry to make permanent and unique vessel identifiers—such as IMO numbers—a standard practice. ISSF also introduced the PVR, a database that uses third-party auditing to transparently report on vessels implementing a series of best practices. Hear more about the positive on-the-water impacts of IMO numbers and pre-competitive collaboration from Susan Jackson, President of ISSF.

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