Top 8 Pans For Cooking and Searing Fish

When you cook fish, you want it to get a nice, beautiful sear on it, but you don’t want it to stick to the pan. That’s a problem that a lot of people run into, and it sucks. You want to find the best pan to fry and sear your fish in, that won’t leave your fish looking a crumbled mess. That also leaves behind a giant mess for you to clean in your pan. It’s not easy cleaning pans that has stuff stuck to them like that either. It’s honestly a complete pain to do, you probably already know that though. Here’s a list of the top 8 pans that are the best when it comes to cooking and searing fish.


1. T-fal Dishwasher Safe Frying Pan

The T-fal Dishwasher Safe Frying Pan is an absolutely amazing pan, and makes cooking your fish seem less like a chore, or job, for you to do. This pan makes the job of cooking your fish, easier.

It has an aluminum base, which means that this pan is able to heat evenly, as well as maintain the temperature. This pan does its job well. Of course, it absolutely has a non-stick surface, so that way you’re able to cook your fish beautifully, without having to use a whole lot of butter or oil. It also means that you won’t have to worry about your fish getting stuck to the pan, and getting all messed up.

This pan is actually pretty neat, as it has a Thermo Spot indicator, that allows you to know when the pan is at the desired temperature, so that you can sear your food.

Not only is this pan dishwasher safe, but it’s also oven safe. You can pop this bad boy right into an oven that’s between 350°F to 400°F. How cool is that? Multi purpose pan right here. You can use it on the stovetop, in the oven, and even some broiling action. It can be used on all ranges as well, even induction ranges!

The price of the T-fal Dishwasher Safe Frying Pan is pretty reasonable when you look at just what all you can do with it. It’s great for cooking fish! Just a friendly reminder, you cannot use stainless steel utensils on non-stick surfaces like this pan has, you have to use silicone or plastic utensils instead.



  • Can be used on the stove, in the oven, and even in the broiler.
  • Safe to use on all kinds of ranges, even induction ranges.
  • Non-stick surface makes it easier to cook without a lot of butter or oil.

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2. Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Frying Pan

The Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized Frying Pan is another phenomenal choice to cook your fish in. This is a heavy duty frying pan, that has an encapsulated aluminum inside. This is a non-stick pan, so you know what that means right? You guessed it, your fish will come out of this pan intact and beautiful, while you only use a minimal amount of butter and oil.

The Quantanium interior that this pan has, means that it can withstand high oven temperatures. Yes, this is another pan that can also go into your oven as well. This pan can handle temperatures up to 500°F.

The loop handle has a cool grip on it that allows it to be cool to the touch. The loop handle is designed to make it easier to maneuver as well.

This pan is dishwasher safe, but it would be best to hand wash this pan. You want to preserve the non-stick surface that the pan has, and only hand washing is going to do that.

This pan has a strong stainless steel base, with an amazing aluminum core that allows it to be heavy duty and strong, as well as non-stick. It allows the pan to look as great as cooks your food. This pan is great for all types of ranges as well, whether it’s gas, electric, or induction.



  • Heavy duty pan.
  • Encapsulated aluminum inside core that allows the pan to heat evenly.
  • Dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended to preserve non-stick surface.
  • Quantanium interior that can withstand temperatures up to 500°F.

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3. Lodge Cast Iron 10.5-Inch Square Grill Pan

The Lodge Cast Iron 10.5-Inch Square Grill Pan is a fantastic pan. First of all, it’s a square, how freaking cool is that? This is a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet grill pan, that is perfect for making fish.

If you know cast iron, then you know it is exceptional at keeping the heat distributed evenly. It will cook, and grill, your fish beautifully. This grill pan is absolutely versatile, as well as reliable.

This pan can be used on all ranges as well, even with a dutch oven. It’s made to fit whatever need you may have.

Cast iron isn’t known for being non-stick, but it’s easy to make this pan non-stick. All you have to do is spray this with your favorite cooking oil before you start cooking.

This grill pan is able to withstand whatever temperature you want to throw at it pretty much. It’s designed to handle heat, it’s cast iron. It can be used on the stovetop, oven, broiler, whatever you want to do with it.

It is easy to clean this cast iron grill pan. You can usually wipe it out, and it will be clean. Here’s the thing, you really shouldn’t put cast iron in the dishwasher. Google pictures of what happens when you do. If you know how to re-season the pan, and don’t mind taking the time to season it again, then by all means, you can do it. I just wouldn’t recommend it. It’s easy to clean without involving the dishwasher.



  • Can be used on all ranges, including dutch ovens.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable against extreme temperatures.

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4. Tramontina 12-Inch Professional Fry Pans

The Tramontina 12-Inch Professional Fry Pans is just what you need to get your fish cooked perfectly. They are heavy gauged aluminum pans, which means that they heat up super fast, and distribute the heat evenly, like an amazing fish cooking pan needs to.

These pans are made with a PFOA free non-stick interior. No fish sticking to your pan going on with this beauty. Your fish will turn out perfect each time with this pan.

This pan has a long handle that has a riveted silicone grip on it. This makes the pans so easy to use, as well as comfortable thanks to the silicone. Which definitely comes in handy when removing the pan from a 400°F oven.

This pan is made especially for professional chefs, but you don’t have to be a professional chef to be able to get one. They use these in most restaurant kitchens, and the exteriors beautiful finish will look great inside of your kitchen. It helps turn your kitchen into a fancy restaurant too.



  • Heavy gauged aluminum pans are great for cooking and distributing heat properly.
  • PFOA free non-stick interior.
  • Long riveted silicone handle makes handling the pan easy.
  • This is a professional chef pan, that’s used in most restaurants, so it would be a great addition to your kitchen collection.

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5. Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet, Pre-Seasoned, 12-inch

The Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet, Pre-Seasoned, 12-inch pan is such an excellent choice of pan to use to make yourself some fish in. This pan allows you to hit with a high temperature, so that way your fish gets a beautiful sear, then you can pop it in the oven to finish. This pan is the absolute best.

Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet is a heavy duty, long lasting pan. It’s similar to cast iron, but weighs less than it does. That can be a great thing, because heavy pans can be hard for some people to pick up and handle. This lighter weight option is amazing.

This pan is extremely versatile. It can be used for all of your cooking ranges, but this pan here can also even go directly on a campfire, outdoor grill, etc. It’s truly a great pan to have in your arsenal. However you want to cook your fish, this pan can get it done for you.

This pan might be on the smaller side, but it has so much to offer that you are definitely going to want to get this pan in your kitchen as soon as you possibly can. It has plenty of room to sear and cook a fish. Truth be told, it’s the perfect size for cooking fish.

This pan has sloping sides, which is fantastic. It’s easy to move this pan around, and stir the food around inside of it. It’s also a little shallow, which is great for browning the surface, and locking in that delicious flavor.



  • Heavy gauged carbon steel pan that’s easy to use.
  • Set up for a high heat sear on the stovetop, and lower heat finish in the oven, without the use of butter or oil.
  • Handle stays cool while cooking.


  • The 12″ size may be too small for some cooks

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6. de Buyer Nonstick Pan Fish Frying Pan 12.5-Inch

The de Buyer Nonstick Pan Fish Frying Pan 12.5-Inch is made for frying your fish. This is the perfect fish frying pan. This is a versatile cast iron based frying pan. This pan has so much to offer.

This frying pan has a thick base that heats quickly, and evenly. It’s able to retain the heat well. You might be worried that your fish would stick to this pan, since it is a cast iron based pan, but that’s not something that you need to worry about. It also has a non-stick surface to top it off. It’s pretty amazing. I mean, this pan has a lot to offer if I’m being honest. You don’t have to worry about doing any scrubbing on this pan. It simply just isn’t required.

This natural pan does NOT contain any PTFE or PFOA, so as you use it, and cook in it, the color, appearance, of it, will only get darker. How awesome is that? How many other pans does this? This pan is made with eco friendly parts, and can be used on any stovetop, oven, etc., as long as the temperatures doesn’t go over 350°F.

This pan is pre-seasoned with beeswax, so that way there won’t be any oxidization. This pan is 100% eco friendly and nature lover approved. You can’t go wrong with a de Buyer.



  • Cast iron based pan.
  • It has a thick base that retains heat wonderfully.
  • Non-stick surface, perfect for cooking your delightful fish.
  • Can be used on any cooking range.
  • 100% non toxic and eco friendly. Nature lover approved.
  • It absolutely does NOT contain PTFE or PFOA.
  • 100% naturally made.
  • Durable enough to be used every day, and it has been pre-seasoned with beeswax.

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7. Scanpan Classic Fry Pan

The Scanpan Classic Fry Pan is another absolute amazing pan for frying your fish. It has an awesome non-stick coating on the surface of this pan, that your utensils won’t knock off, or scratch up. That’s pretty freaking cool, I know. It’s a heavy duty, sturdy frying pan that is built to last.

This pan allows for you to get an amazing sear and the beautiful browning that you desire for your fish to have, and it’s protecting itself from any scratches while doing it. It’s simply great. You can use your metal utensils, and you won’t be doing any damage to the non-stick coating on the surface.

You can even wash this frying pan in the dishwasher, and it won’t hurt it a bit. It won’t blister it, scratch it, crack, or make it flake any. It’s made to withstand whatever harshness is thrown at it.

It has a unique textured interior that allows this pan to deliver better cooking results, and evenly distributes the heat. It reduces any hot spots, that some pans have, so that your fish will cook evenly, at the same time.

It has top notch quality silicone handles, that way they can stay cool as you’re cooking. It also allows it to be easier to move the pan around too.

Compared to some of the other pans on this list, this pan is pretty lightweight, beings as it is just a little over 5 pounds. That means it’s easier hold, handle, and even store away when it’s time. This pan is a real winner.



  • Delivers a phenomenal sear and browning every time.
  • Its non-stick coating CANNOT be scratched up.
  • Has a textured interior that helps distribute the heat more evenly than other pans.
  • Made of top notch Cast Aluminum.
  • Safe for dishwasher use, as well as metal utensils.

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8. All-Clad 440465 D3 Stainless Steel Frying Pan

The All-Clad 440465 D3 Stainless Steel Frying Pan is the last on the list, but don’t let that fool you. It’s just as great as every other pan on this list. This frying pan is on the expensive side, but it is absolutely worth every penny of it. You won’t be disappointed in the way that this frying pan performs.

This pan has a starburst finish on the surface, which offers a stunning non-stick surface, without it being pre-seasoned. I don’t know about you, but that’s pretty amazing.

To top it off, the shape of the pan actually helps the pan to heat up faster, and distribute the heat more evenly. It gets things done faster than your normal frying pans.

The handles to this frying pan are made from stainless rivets that are around an aluminum core. This gives the handles strength, thermal conductivity, and even some insulation properties. This pan is made to be able to do a lot, and withstand whatever you want it to.



  • Tri ply stainless steel construction, and a thick, anti warp base with an aluminum core that can withstand high heat temperatures.
  • Starburst finish that provides a natural non-stick coating, so to speak, for this pan.
  • Easy to clean, no matter what you use to cook with. Your fish won’t mess this pan up.
  • The riveted handles allow this pan to also be oven safe.
  • This pan is also dishwasher safe.

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A Beginners Guide to Buying the Best Pan for Frying Fish

When it comes to cooking your fish, you want to be sure that you have the right pan. I know that might seem a little overwhelming to you, at first. It’s not scary though, and it’s pretty important to make sure that you find the best pan to cook your fish in. In order for a pan to be considered the best for frying fish, it needs to meet some criteria. It needs to distribute heat evenly, have a non-stick surface, or coating on the surface, and be easy to clean up afterwards. Keep this in mind as we take a look at what some of the most important things are that you should keep in mind when choosing the best fish frying pan for you.


Can you easily clean it?

You want to ensure that you buy a pan that is to be cleaned. Every time you fry fish in your pan, it will leave pieces of burnt oil, maybe some little fish bones, and other little things such as this.

First of all, you need to make certain that you’re using a non-stick frying pan. This is important. This helps to simplify your cleaning process, but it also helps to keep your fish intact and perfect, which is also important. You don’t want to butcher your fish, and you want the clean up process to be easy.

Another thing, the best pans to fry your fish in shouldn’t have any crevices in them. Crevices will allow stuff to get in there, and get stuck. It makes clean up time take longer. Even worse, crevices can allow for your pan to rust a lot easier and faster as well. There’s no fun in that.

Cast iron and carbon steel frying pans are amazing at searing and browning your fish, it’s true. You can use these types of frying pans over high heat temperatures, BUT this types of pans tend to be harder to clean. For some these pans are too hard to clean, because you have to know the specific way to clean AND take care of these types of pans. They’re great pans, and will last forever, as long as you take care of them properly.

However, you can use non-stick pans, which make the clean up process simple. You can just pop them into the dishwasher after you use them, and since they’re non-stick, you know they will be making perfect fish for you. This right here, is how you make fish without a mess.

Another thing to keep in mind when finding the right fish frying pan for you is that aluminum pans actually heat up quicker than copper or stainless steel pans. This can be a good or bad thing. If you’re not very experienced with this type of pan, the aluminum frying pan that is, then you can easily burn your fish, accidentally. It will take some adjusting and getting used to this type of pan.

By the way, most non-stick pans are dishwasher safe these days, which is such an amazing life saver. However, if you do decide to clean them by hand you need to clean them with soft brushes, such as nylon, so that way you don’t scratch up the non-stick surface on your frying pan.



The Different Types of Pan

When you’re choosing which pan is the perfect match for you to use for frying your fish, you need to look at the materials that it is made of. Some materials are better for cooking, or frying, fish.

With this said, the 3 types of pans that are truly the best when cooking fish are cast iron, stainless steel, and carbon steel.


Cast Iron Pans:

These are heavy pans, but they distribute heat so evenly. Better than just regular pans, for sure. They also conduct heat well. That’s what makes this pans so great to begin with. They’re able to give you a great flavorful crust, or sear, on your fish, or whatever it is that you cook inside your pan.

These pans can handle high heat temperatures, which is great for cooking fish. You can turn it up high on the stove, get a beautiful sear on your fish, and then just slide this baby into the oven to finish cooking at a lower heat.

These pans are truly great, but they do have a flaw. They can be quite tricky to clean, and do actually have a specific way that you have to clean them. You can’t just stick them in water, or put them in the dishwasher.


Carbon Steel Pans:

These pans are a lot like cast iron pans, BUT they’re easier to clean, and actually cook faster than cast iron. They’re not as heavy as the cast iron pans are, but these are definitely still heavy duty pans. They distribute heat evenly as well, and will cook your fish perfectly every time. This pan definitely won’t let you down.


Stainless Steel Pans:

Most people use stainless steel pans because they look nice inside of their kitchen, and they do tend cook so well. No matter how little of experience you might have, this pan will help you become a better cook. It distributes the heat evenly as well, so you won’t have to worry about your fish burning any. These pans are also non-stick, which is what you need when frying your fish. You are also able to just put these pans into the dishwasher to get them clean. No specific set of rules involved here.


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Which is the best frying pan to fry fish?

This is really up to what your personal preference is. If you want an easy clean up, then stainless steel should be your go to. You can just put it into the dishwasher afterwards. If you want a nice, beautiful sear, and don’t mind spending time to get your pan right afterwards, then cast iron is where I would go. This decision is ultimately up to you, and what you like.


Am I Able To Fry Fish In A Non-Stick Pan?  

Yes, you absolutely can fry your fish in a non-stick frying pan. It’s what you really need when you are cooking fish. This allows you to make beautiful, delicious fish, without tearing it up as you flip it, or take it out of the pan. A non-stick is absolutely what you need to use when you fry, or cook, your fish.


How Can I Fry Fish In A Stainless Steel Pan Without It Sticking?

In order to keep your fish from sticking to a stainless steel pan, you need to ensure that you have a good amount of oil in your pan, before placing your fish. I’m not saying to overdo it, but you don’t want to use too little.

However, you can actually deep fry your fish in stainless steel pan if you wanted to. Keep that in mind.


How Do I Clean A Non-Stick Frying Pan?

Nowadays you can usually just put your non-stick frying pan into your dishwasher to get it all cleaned up, no problem. It’s really that simple. However, your non-stick frying pan might not be dishwasher safe, if that’s the case, then you want to make sure that when you clean it, you clean it with soft brushes. You have to use soft brushes, such as nylon, to keep from scratching it up.