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If you are passionate about seafood and are looking to share your views about sustainable seafood and how we all can live healthier lives, here is how you can write for us!

At Speaking of Seafood we welcome bloggers, writers, instagrammers, etc. from all over the world to share their tips, insights, etc. with the seafood community. We believe that we all can learn from each other and who knows, one small info from you might change the way someone views the world.

Or it could end up changing their entire lives. It is all about sharing and trying to make sure that we are making that difference in each other’s lives.

Here’s what we look for in the articles:
– Should be about seafood
– Seafood tips and recipes
– Sustainable seafood culture
– Unique seafood and travel experiences
– Local seafood from around the world
– Seafood destinations around the world

If you think you have something to share about seafood, feel free to send us content ideas at

We look forward to hearing from you.