NFI Crab Council logoThe NFI Crab Council sponsors sustainability projects in Southeast Asia designed to preserve crab as a popular, plentiful seafood item as well as an important economic resource for local communities. The council works with in-country partners and key stakeholders to address fishery needs through scientific, social and financial channels, including funding fishery improvement projects.

“The NFI Crab Council was started because we found that the size and type of crab we were getting from Southeast Asia was becoming smaller, and that’s an indication that a fishery long term will run into problems,” Connelly explains.

“So the industry got together and said, we need to look at how we can help folks in Southeast Asia run a better fishery and a more sustainable fishery. But we also have a responsibility on our end, as the importers and processors and marketing companies, to actually fund some of that work, and the only way you can do that is collaboratively.”

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