Success stories

Corporate transparency and the seafood supply chain

Target: a case study on transparency

“Being able to show year-over-year progress against a baseline, and being able to speak to this movement (positive or not as positive) is essential to maintaining authenticity and transparency with stakeholders” —Jill Davies, Target Different supply chains have...

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Environmental Defense Fund and Walmart: a case study on transparency

Since setting up an office in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2007, the Environmental Defense Fund has made impressive strides with Walmart to improve the social and environmental sustainability and responsibility of their myriad supply chains. By setting big-picture goals, and identifying environmental and social hot spots in supply chains, even large-scale retailers can change significantly for the better.

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Blueyou: a case study on transparency

In February 2017, Blueyou announced the first dual-certified Fair Trade and MSC seafood product: canned skipjack tuna fished from the Maldives. The Maldives is square in the middle of the Indian Ocean—an area heavily fraught with fisheries management challenges. So how, and why, did Blueyou manage to improve transparency in their supply chains, achieving dual certification, for one of the most challenging species and regions?

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Ocean Disclosure Project: a case study on transparency

In April, 2017 the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership announced that, through its Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP), US retailer Publix would move to publish a list of all of the fisheries from which they source seafood, as well as information on management at those fisheries, catch method, and environmental impact.

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Seafood and sustainable protein consumption

Pre-competitive collaboration in seafood

International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

Companies that participate in ISSF commit to several conservation measures regarding illegal, unreported, and/or unregulated (IUU) fishing, and ISSF uses a rigorous compliance process for any such allegations. The bulk of their work is focused on proactively...

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National Fisheries Institute Crab Council

The NFI Crab Council sponsors sustainability projects in Southeast Asia designed to preserve crab as a popular, plentiful seafood item as well as an important economic resource for local communities. The council works with in-country partners and key stakeholders to...

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Sustainable Seafood Coalition

The Sustainable Seafood Coalition unites retailers, food service companies and seafood suppliers to work toward making sure all seafood sold in the UK comes from sustainable sources. The coalition has developed voluntary codes of conduct for its members that address...

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Louisiana gulf shrimp: a seafood success story

In July, 2015 a diverse set of seafood stakeholders from industry and conservation groups worked together to win a significant victory for shrimp in the Gulf of Mexico—the result means good financial and ecological news for the region. In 1987, the State of Louisiana...

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