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Community-Supported Solutions in the Seafood Industry


The sustainable seafood movement has grown profoundly in scope and impact over the past decade, but innovative and collaborative cross-sector solutions to global fisheries challenges have not kept pace. To be effective, we must create new tools to engage new stakeholders and work to address the broad set of challenges in seafood and ocean conservation in new geographies and sectors.
By joining the Seafood Co-Lab, you build on the the seafood industry’s track record of supporting sustainable solutions.  

Foster Collaboration

Collaboration has become a proven and valuable business strategy for the seafood industry in addressing sustainability issues. 

The Seafood Co-Lab rewards cross-sector collaborations with supportive collaboration from the broader community.

This approach creates a conduit for the wealth of knowledge, skills, experience, strategies, and perspectives in the sustainable seafood community to actively support new solutions in aquaculture and wild-caught fisheries.

Support Solutions

Co-Lab is soliciting support from the seafood industry and other stakeholders through two opportunities:

Collaborate with Co-Lab: Stay updated on Co-Lab activities or take the next step and contribute to the process by joining the Co-Lab team of experts.

Sponsor Co-Lab: Through a $1,000 sponsorship, build on the seafood industry and seafood community’s historic track record of collaborative problem solving.

Be Recognized

Business and the broader seafood community benefit from Co-Lab in many ways:

  • Fresh and innovative approaches to sustainability challenges
  • Valuable new contacts and connections
  • Through online voting, direct input into focus areas addressed
  • Communications & outreach promotion of sponsors
  • Public recognition of the seafood industry’s contribution to sustainability

Collaborate with Co-Lab

Anyone can join our mailing list to receive regular updates on Co-Lab activities and become a part of the crowdsourced problem-solving activities.

Companies and organizations interested in greater involvement can participate at a Collaborator level.

Collaborators serve as subject matter experts and may be asked by the Advisory Board to:

  • join conference calls
  • review proposals requiring in-depth topic expertise
  • directly advise Co-Lab projects

Sponsor Co-Lab

For $1,000, support collaborative solutions toward sustainable seafood and communities. Your company logo will be featured:

  • in five or more emails to more than 10,000 seafood-interested subscribers
  • on a booth at the Seafood Expo North America in Boston, attended by thousands of seafood professionals.
  • on SeaWeb, Conservation Alliance, and Seafood Summit websites

Co-Lab Sponsors will also benefit from SeaWeb outreach to our following of more than 25,000 individuals, companies and organizations.


The following organizations are demonstrating the seafood industry's ongoing commitment to a responsible and sustainable seafood marketplace by  supporting Seafood Co-Lab as Sponsors.


For details on the Seafood Co-Lab, please visit About the Seafood Co-Lab, or email us at

The Seafood Co-Lab is a collaborative effort between SeaWeb and the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions.

SeaWeb Communications

SeaWeb serves the sustainable seafood community by nourishing a coordinated infrastructure of people and knowledge to guide, inspire and reward the seafood industry’s uptake of sustainable practices.

Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions connects leading conservation groups from North America, South America, Europe, and Japan that work with businesses throughout the supply chain from fishermen and fish farmers to retailers and restaurants.

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