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Seafood and sustainable protein consumption

Public health nutrition and sustainability

Scientists are looking at new methods to assess both the health and the sustainability of protein production, rather than assessing those aspects independently. Seafood, along with a more plant-based diet, should fare well in this new approach.

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Seafood and human health

Why did the Knights Templar, a religious military order holding sway for nearly two centuries during the Middle Ages, live exceptionally longer lives than their contemporaries? While generally attributed to divine providence, a more recent conjecture has suggested that strict adherence to the order’s lifestyle precepts, particularly around diet, was the key factor.

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The future sustainability of protein markets

Concern over future food and nutritional security is rapidly rising on the global agenda amidst studies showing a growing agricultural shortfall. Simply, crop yields are far from increasing at the rates needed to meet projected demands for 2050.

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The case for transparency

Science you can use: supply chain transparency

Key papers: CONSUMER TRUST GlobeScan. 2017. Trust and Transparency In the Supply Chain. GlobeScan eBrief. 5pp.“Diminishing trust in a range of institutions has become a central issue, especially when it comes to the relationships between business and society.” HUMAN...

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