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Expert opinion, case studies and background information for thought leaders, seafood managers, and new stakeholders in the sustainable seafood movement.

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Pre-Competitive Strategies

Thumbnail - asian fisher in canoeIn seafood supply chains, pre-competitive collaboration has become an important tool to address critical sustainability issues in both wild-caught and aquaculture seafood. Pre-competitive strategies are approaches that businesses take to address systemic problems with the delivery of goods and services. It is a business strategy that is often applied when competition for limited resources impacts business more than the competition for customers—if you don’t have the resources to produce a product, there will not be any consumers to compete for.

Seafood and Sustainable Protein Consumption

Plated seafoodWhere seafood fits into the future dinner plate is very much undecided—perhaps more so than any other protein or food group. One of the biggest factors in determining seafood’s role in future protein consumption will be the sustainability of seafood and the industry’s ability to deliver and market a sustainable, responsible product. In the next two to four years consumers, restaurants and the food industry will be making decisions that will predict much of our future consumption.

Tools for companies and resource managers

Sustainability Topics

Scannable introductions to a key topics in sustainable seafood, with practical examples and links to dive deeper.

Success Stories

Learn what seafood supply chain leaders are doing to build sustainability and build business value for their engagement.

Science you can use

Short reviews of recent research with valuable insights for business leaders making sustainability decisions for the future.

Speaking of Seafood aims to create value for sustainability by amplifying replicable industry success stories while engaging issue-leaders to guide the way. The result is a powerful asset: a tool to help you “brand” sustainable seafood as successful, positive and valuable—whether you are a consumer or buyer of seafood

Seafood stakeholders have voiced a need for a reliable source for consolidated information about sustainable seafood. While some content is available on websites and in the seafood trade media, there is no single, go-to source for information about seafood sustainability. At the same time, relevant stories about sustainability leaders’ work and their success stories are not reaching a broad enough audience. Speaking of Seafood’s goal is to address these communications gaps.

—The SeaWeb Team

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