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Panel interview with transparency experts

Fishermen installing a data monitor on a small fishing canoe in asiaSeafood supply chains are complex, and traditionally shrouded in secrecy. Many industries have walked the path toward greater traceability and transparency to the benefit of their resource and to the consumer. We brought together experts from seafood and beyond to share learnings, challenges and opportunities when working to affect greater transparency in the marketplace.


EDF and Walmart: a case study on transparency

Fish processing - gloved hand throwing a fish into a binSince setting up an office in Bentonville, Arkansas, in 2007, the Environmental Defense Fund has made impressive strides with Walmart to improve the social and environmental sustainability and responsibility of their myriad supply chains. By setting big-picture goals, and identifying environmental and social hot spots in supply chains, even large-scale retailers can change significantly for the better.


Bueyou: a case study on transparency

In February 2017, Blueyou announced the first dual-certified Fair Trade and MSC seafood product: canned skipjack tuna fished from the Maldives. How did Blueyou manage to improve transparency in their supply chains for one of the most challenging species and regions in the world?


Issues in sustainable seafood

Thumbnail - asian fisher in canoePre-competitive collaboration in seafood

In seafood supply chains, pre-competitive collaboration has become an important tool to address critical sustainability issues in both wild-caught and aquaculture seafood.

Seafood in small appetizer cupsSeafood and sustainable protein consumption

Where seafood fits into the future dinner plate is very much undecided—perhaps more so than any other protein or food group.

Supply chain transparency and seafood

As markets are becoming increasingly concerned with sourcing ethics, it is important to get in front of the issue and tell your story.

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Leadership profiles

Learn what seafood supply chain leaders are doing to build sustainability and build business value for their engagement.

Science you can use

Short reviews of recent research with valuable insights for business leaders making sustainability decisions for the future.

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